The whole northern coast of the Kola Peninsula (the Murman coast) is washed by the Barents Sea.The sea is separated from the Central Artic basin by the archipelagos of Novaya Zemlya, Franz Josef Land and Svalbard. Large masses of warm water are brought from the west by the North-Atlantic Current almost without hindrance. So, though the sea wholly lies in arctic and subarctic latitudes, its southern part, excluding narrow inlets and bays, is ice-free. In winter the limit of ice drifts lies 400-500 km off the cost, at latitude 74-75 N.

It´s one of the most remote seashores in the world still accessible by car, 100 kms from Murmansk in Teriberka, a wild and godforsaken village with just a few inhabitants, although a paradise for aurora hunters.


Barents sea in Teriberka