Kola Peninsula-Russia

More than half of the peninsula remains unpopulated, covered with untouched forests, vast tundra, rapid rivers abundant with salmon and thousands of beautiful lakes.

The Kola Peninsula has an area of 144900 km2 and around one million inhabitants. The whole northern coast of the Kola Peninsula is washed by the Barents Sea, it borders Norway and Finland in the west and the White Sea in the south. All the peninsula lies within  the Arctic circle.

Murmansk the capital, was almost entirely destroyed during the Second World War by the German army, but was never occupied. Supplies from the Allies, mostly weapons and ammunitions, were delivered to the Soviet army through the Barents Sea, to this port. Those more interested, might want to watch the episode nº8 of this documentary available on the web : “... In 1978 a 20 part series of 48 minutes per episode was released in an American documentary television series narrated by Burt Lancaster. The documentary was titled: “The Unknown War.””

In summer the Kola Peninsula is rightfully called the land of the midnight sun. The bright sun at night in the summer is just as common as the starlight sky in the daytime in the winter especially when it is splashed with the magic play of northern lights.

Khibiny mountains

Barents sea

Murmansk city

Northern lights in Kola

Tundra vegetation

Lake Ceidozero