The Khibiny massif is situated in the central part of the peninsula, it´s the highest area of the Kola Peninsula and perhaps the most famous tourist track. It´s also a protected natural park of Russia.

Kirovsk city, the second largest in Kola Peninsula after Murmansk, lies deep in the heart of the peninsula and well within the khibiny massif. Steep slopes, snow covering the depressions and fissures all year around, all these give the mountains which are not very high an incredibly imposing look. Mountains rise above the surrounding plain abruptly, almost without foothills. The peculiarity of the mountains is their “table” forms. The slopes are steep, sometimes precipitous, their tops on the contrary are flat. Its flats heights average 800-900 m in elevation. The highest point is Mt.Yudychvumchorr  1200 m above sea level.

The Khibiny